Motherhood is a very special phase in every woman’s life. One needs special care, planning, training, and a very good support system right from the prenatal stage to the post natal stage. We at Swastheir are there to be with you by your side during this beautiful journey of Motherhood!!!

Prenatal Stage

This stage starts at least three months before you conceive. The early planning is important to ensure a healthy, happy pregnancy and increase the chances of a safe and healthy delivery. At Swasthier our team of doctors and professional health care providers are there for you at every step providing services such as:

  • Consulting the gynecologist about your medical condition, medication and taking dietary supplements (if needed).
  • Regular exercise or yoga to calm down the nervous system, increase the strength of the muscles to nurture your baby in a healthy environment.
  • Reminding you to take folic acid supplements daily.

Pregnancy Stage

These nine months are very crucial. Every woman needs to look after herself during these months so as to keep herself and the baby fit and healthy. We have listed a few of the multitude of services provided by us during your pregnancy:

  • Healthy monitoring of your diet to provide all necessary nutrients for the mother and baby.
  • Regular check ups with the gynecologist to keep track of the baby’s development and growth.
  • Consultation with the doctor to decide on the chosen method of delivery and preparing for it, both mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Post Natal Stage

While pregnancy and delivering a healthy baby is very crucial, one must never neglect the postpartum stage. This stage usually starts from the date of the newborn’s birth and lasts up to 6-8 weeks. We as a team firmly believe in looking after your welfare at this delicate stage and be there to look after your newborn too. The array of services we offer are:

  • Ensuring that the new mother gets adequate rest. A mother’s sleep is very important for the well-being of the baby and the new mommy too.
  • Making sure that the mother eats healthy, nutritious food to maintain her stamina and energy. Quality food is essential for breastfeeding mothers. New moms should eat when they are hungry and not when they are tired or sleepy.
  • Slowly trying to regain the lost stamina, toning the muscles and rebuilding the flexibility with the help of yoga or light exercises.

Motherhood is a very special phase and should be enjoyed by the couple and not be dreaded upon!!