Lab Test at Home in Kolkata

Don’t have time to visit Hospitals for tests? Book safe sample collection from home by our trained technicians,  get 100% Accurate reports.

Get hassle free Medical Tests with Swasthier’s Lab Test Service at Home. Be it regular health checkups or prescribed diagnostics, Swasthier’s technicians will collect your samples from home and deliver prompt reports by E-Mail. What’s more, we also have a range of family health packages to suit every requirement.

Some of our more popular Lab Packages are:

  • Executive Health Check for Men & Women – This package includes sugar screening tests, cholesterol, liver tests, thyroid tests and kidney tests. If you deal with a high amount of mental and physical stress in your daily life, our zero stress Lab Tests at Home Package is ideal for you.
  • Diabetes Health Check – Designed for diabetic patients, this package includes sugar screening, lipid profile and kidney tests.
  • Health Check for Hypertension – Increasing lifestyle changes and stress levels often result in high Blood Pressure, Heart Disease and Cardiovascular problems. Opt for our regular check ups at home to monitor and control hypertension.

Lab Test at Home in Kolkata

What is a lab test at home?

Do not hesitate to book a lab test at our lab located at Kolkata. We have a trained, experienced team of laboratory technicians to conduct lab tests. We deliver the results within 24 hours. A healthy lifestyle is very important to avoid various diseases and to keep your family healthy. We provide the medical report online with the same facility which is available at the nearby hospital. Our aim is to deliver an optimal and safe service to our patients. 

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Benefits of a lab test at home

We have been in the industry for 12 years now, delivering thousand tests every month.  We aim to bring quality and affordable diagnostic solutions closer to people. With the increasing need for healthcare, it has become essential that we find ways of reducing costs without compromising on effectiveness. This is where our in-home lab test services comes in, benefits of choosing Swasthier:

  • We have a wide network of collection centers and laboratories, capable of collecting and testing samples in any circumstance.
  • We offer affordable, high-quality accurate tests.
  • With the help of high-quality diagnostic service providers, you can make sure your health is in best condition.
  • It's never been easier to book a specialist medical test.
  • Wide range of lab tests & medical specialties available.

Most Popular Pathology Tests in Kolkata

Swasthier is the one of the best pathology laboratory in Kolkata. We offer various types of pathology tests like Urine culture test, D-Dimer test, Lipid profile test, Thyroid profile test, CBC test and many more.

RT-PCR Test 

We offer a wide range of urine tests including full Blood count (CBC) test, glucose, urea nitrogen, creatinine and albumin tests. Our team of pathologists check and analyse these tests thoroughly to provide you with accurate reports at your door step.

Kidney Function Test (KFT)

Our lab techs look at your test report closely and check for any abnormalities to understand the condition of your kidneys. An abnormal kidney profile can indicate kidney problems which require medical intervention. A KFT test can also be helpful in determining the cause of kidney failure, if a person is at high risk of kidney failure, and how quickly they can improve.

Hemogram Test 

We diagnose and treat pancreatic, liver, thyroid, and lung issues, including diagnosis of diabetes. It is a quick test that can be done without having to be admitted to the hospital. Get your Hemogram done with a dedicated Hepatic Health Care Clinic for fast and efficient results.

Complete Blood Count Test (CBC)

An integral part of the medical diagnostics procedure, CBC test measures the concentration of blood cells. Higher the concentration, the better the health condition of the patient. The test also helps to detect diseases including cancer, jaundice, and anemia, to name a few.

Lipid Profile Test 

Blood Test reports are critical, so they must be obtained on time. The blood lipid profile is a way to measure the overall and individual risk for heart diseases and stroke. Our lab test reports for Lipid profile help you check if your lipid profile is normal or abnormal.

Thyroid Profile Test (T3 T4 TSH) 

Medical Expert team performs this test based on your blood test results. The test shows how your thyroid is working. It also shows how your thyroid health affects your general health. It provides an opportunity to bring back the metabolism levels. If thyroid is not working properly, then you might have signs of your thyroid being suppressed. This test is meant to show your treatment plan and how to manage your thyroid.

Cost of Lab Test At Home

Our blood collection service is free. We collect your samples at home and deliver the results by E-Mail. As a part of our Lab Test Service Home Package, we offer a range of medical tests for you to choose from.

To find out cost and other details about our lab test at Home services in Kolkata, call us: 096746 44445

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