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Quality Care for the Terminally Ill

For many seriously ill patients, Hospice Care at Home is a more dignified and comfortable alternative to spending their final months in the impersonal environment of a hospital. Swasthier’s Hospice Home Care staff provides special care to improve quality of life for both the patient and their family. Hospice Care at home allows the patient and their loved ones to spend the remaining time with each other.

Our Hospice Home Care team develops personalized care plans considering a patient’s individual need for pain management and symptom relief. We provide all the necessary palliative drugs and therapies, medical supplies, and equipment. Traditionally in India, Hospice Care has been provided by family members. In such a situation, Swastheir’s Hospice inter-disciplinary team members pay regular visits to assess the patient and provide additional specialized services, such as speech and physical therapy, therapeutic massage, or dietary assistance.

In the situations where a family member is unable to care for the patient, we deploy certified Home Health aides to provide day to day care such as bathing and other personal care services. Hospice Home Care can reduce anxiety in both the patient the family members thereby helping them make the most of the remaining time together. Our Hospice Home Care staff remains on-call 24/7.