Most Hospice Care in India takes place in the home. But in-home Hospice is not always the right answer. For some, around-the-clock nursing care is needed, or pain management is too complicated. For others, the memory of a loved one passing in the home can be too much to endure. Are nursing homes and hospitals the only options to spend one’s last precious hours on earth?

A better option is Swasthier’s Residential and Inpatient Hospice Care Center at 8B, Garcha First Lane, Gariahat.

When families discover the exceptional support of hospice care, they often wonder why they waited so long to enlist our support. Embracing hospice is a commitment to live everyday with the best quality of life possible. We help patients and families regain a sense of control. Our dedicated staff provides greatly needed relief, encouragement, and assistance at a time when compassionate, knowledgeable guidance can be the difference between hope and despair.

Our staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — tending to patients in scheduled visits and when needed for special attention. The focus is on providing Health Care support to post operative patients, patients recovering from prolonged, patients with various chronic ailments and terminally ill patients.

We are offering an economic package for patients requiring Hospice Care. Details are as follows:

  • Room Rent: Rs. 500 per day
  • Doctor Consultation Fee: Rs. 500 per day
  • Physiotherapy: Rs. 250 per session
  • Cost of meals will be subsidized, whereas pharmacy and diagnostics would be charged at actuals

We are also providing Health Care at Home as per our commitment thus providing relief to patients after discharge and in case of chronic illness requiring continued care. The services that we provide include the following: