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Don’t have time to visit Hospitals for tests? Call us Home to collect your samples and get reports on E-Mail!

Get hassle free Medical Tests with Swasthier’s Lab Test Service at Home. Be it regular health checkups or prescribed diagnostics, Swasthier’s technicians will collect your samples from home and deliver prompt reports by E-Mail. What’s more, we also have a range of family health packages to suit every requirement.

Some of our more popular Lab Packages are:

  • Executive Health Check for Men & Women – This package includes sugar screening tests, cholesterol, liver tests, thyroid tests and kidney tests. If you deal with a high amount of mental and physical stress in your daily life, our zero stress Lab Tests at Home Package is ideal for you.
  • Diabetes Health Check – Designed for diabetic patients, this package includes sugar screening, lipid profile and kidney tests.
  • Health Check for Hypertension – Increasing lifestyle changes and stress levels often result in high Blood Pressure, Heart Disease and Cardiovascular problems. Opt for our regular check ups at home to monitor and control hypertension.