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Unable to travel to the Doctor’s Clinic? Our Doctor Consultation Service at Home is just what you need.

We all have faced the challenge of taking a sick family member or an ailing child for visits to the Doctor. Waiting at the clinic for your turn to see the Doctor can be a daunting experience for both the suffering patient and the companion. How much easier would it be if the same doctor consultation could be arranged at your home? Our Doctors at Home Service brings stress-free and comfortable health care facility to your doorstep. We offer Doctor Consultation Services at Home by highly trained Physicians, right from pediatric to elderly patients who need not be moved from their sick bed.

We offer the following services as part of our Doctor On Call facility:

  • General Checkup
  • Diabetic Care
  • Orthopedic Care
  • Post-Hospitalization Cardiac Care
  • Post-Hospitalization Neuro Care
  • Home-Based Oncological Care