Home Care Services in Kolkata

Swasthier is the biggest home nursing service provider in Kolkata, with qualified healthcare professionals and state-of-the-art procedures.

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Our Most Popular Home Nursing Services

We provide high-quality healthcare at home, physiotherapy, and palliative care with well-trained nurses and caretakers at the most affordable price in Kolkata.

Physiotherapy at home in kolkata

Our In Home Physiotherapy Service include individualized care packages based on the patient’s requirements.

We provide trained physiotherapists to facilitate the patient's recovery and rehabilitation. 

Hospice Care in kolkata

Doctors at Home

Our Doctor at Home Service brings stress free and comfortable healthcare facility to your doorstep.

We offer In Home Doctor Consultations by highly trained Physicians. 

Elderly Care in kolkata

Elderly Care

Helping Hands to help you Heal !

We provide special care to the ones who need it the most. Cancer Care, Elderly Care, Chronic Illness Care, Parkinson's Disease Care and Paralysis Care.

Hospice care in Kolkata

Our Hospice Care staff provides special care to improve quality of life for the patient and their family.

We provide all the necessary palliative drugs and therapies, medical supplies, and equipment. 

Lab Tests at Home in kolkata

Get hassle free Lab Tests with our At Home Lab Service. We also collect blood samples from your Home.

What's more, we have a range of family health packages to suit every requirement. 

Mother & Newborn Baby Care at Home

We provide Doctors, Nurses and Attendants for medical care of Pregnant Women.

We also provide Ambulances for in case of Emergencies. 

ECG at Home in Kolkata

DID YOU KNOW?ECG can be done in the comfort of your own Home.

No need to wait in queues for it at the Hospital. Call us now for the service. We will E-Mail you the reports the same day.

Lab Tests at Home in kolkata

DID YOU KNOW? X-Ray can be done in the comfort of your own Home.

No need to wait in queues for it at the Hospital. Call us now for the service. We will E-Mail you the reports the same day.

Ambulance Service in Kolkata

Ambulance Service

We provide 24 Hours Ambulance Service all over Kolkata for any and all Medical Emergencies and Purposes.

We also have a team of trained Medical Personnel ready to help you in your time of need.

Nursing Attendant  in Kolkata

Nursing Attendant 

Swasthier’s trained nursing attendant service provides holistic support at home.

Our home caregivers assist with personal grooming, mobility, feeding, basic cleaning, and medical monitoring.

Covid Care in Kolkata

COVID Care at Home in Kolkata is for you and your loved ones. Tested Covid positive?

In the time of this pandemic, our experts can help you from your home. We provide a holistic treatment and monitoring plan to keep you safe.

Home Care Nursing Services in Kolkata

Our home nursing care services ensures that your well-being is never compromised.

We comply with all standards in the medical field to provide you with the greatest compassionate and attentive care at home.

Get Well in the Comfort of Your Home!

Since 2005, Swasthier home healthcare has been offering several home nursing services in Kolkata and other regions of West Bengal. 

Unmatched Convenience

With no stress of transportation, extra expenses or other hassles, you can get expert medical care right at your home.

Real people, real care

22 thousand+ happy customers in Kolkata and surrounding areas & 12+ years of experience in home health care.

Proven Medical Expertise

Proprietary protocols, individualized plans, and measurable clinical results that ensure a quick recovery.

Swasthier home nursing services in Kolkata, West Bengal

Patient stories

We strive to deliver the finest possible home care service at Swasthier. We care about who you are and how you are because it's personal to us.

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Sam Das
Sam Das
The nurse was very polite and kind. She also gave me some additional ideas that were very useful. I would highly suggest Swasthier home care to anyone. Excellent service.
aastha yduvansi
aastha yduvansi
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Aryan Shaw

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